What is Revised Employer?

Revised Employer is an audit system for key parts of employer responsibility. The scheme documents TEMP-TEAM’s cleanliness as an employer while contributing to our continuous work on quality in this field. From 2017, Revised Employer will be mandatory for all crew members who are members of NHO Service.

Confidence in the scheme is strengthened by the staffing company being subject to external and independent audit of approved auditors.

Why Revised Employer?

As a result of political debate, increased regulation of the industry and exposure to unfortunate practices in some staffing staff, having a good employer has become increasingly important as an independent quality criterion when selecting agency. A neat employer is attractive to the best employees, while the customers are committed to maintaining the best reputation. In a competitive situation it is therefore important to be able to document their quality as an employer.

While being a Revised Employer can provide competitive advantage, regular review of compliance with key work environment rules will contribute to the staffing company’s continuous quality work.

An audit tool that ensures professional employer responsibility

Through the audit, the Managing Director’s top executive receives external feedback on how the employer’s employer responsibility is exercised in practice. The checkpoints are based on routines and random sampling that will reveal whether the routines are followed. Prior to auditing, it is required that self-assessment be performed. This has a dual function in that it contributes to the development of skills in the business and that it contributes to more efficient external auditing.

Requirements for auditors

The audit shall be carried out by a company or persons subject to professional responsibility for confidentiality and have sufficient professional competence to carry out the audit. The auditor shall be cleared by NHO Service before the audit.

What is being revised?

The following matters are revised:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Assessment of the risk situation of the landlord
  • Declared responsibility for HSE
  • Working hours, salary and overtime pay
  • Handling of payroll on completion of assignments
  • Sickness
  • Follow-up of long-term sickens
  • Employment counseling

Read more about Revidert employer here: www.revidertarbeidsgiver.no

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